Trickle Twitter iPhone App

by anna on January 26, 2011

in Other Media

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Trickle is a minimalist Twitter app for iPhone and iPad that “push” notifies you as new tweets come into your stream, one by one. The simple black background helvetica font is appealing to designer types. The video below shows more of what it does:

(If you cannot see the video, please here.)

I don’t have a lot of expectations from infographics, really. But . . . come on. What is this, the Sex and the City take on the tech industry? This graphic promoted on an online marketing blog that is clearly trying to create viral content at any cost, says “Here are 5 innovators who we believe are the top Female Tech Influencers. They are all unique, however they all share one common theme: they inspire women at Wpromote on a daily basis and hopefully now they can inspire you too.” Translation: they are all women who work in tech; let’s put them on a pink background. Other thoughts, below.


(Click here to enlarge.)

1. Other than the COO of Facebook, WTF are these people?

Admittedly, I don’t know a whole lot about technology entrepreneurs, but I’m having a hard time believing this claim that these people are major “tech influencers” if I’ve never heard of any of them except Sheryl Sandberg. I’m willing to believe that I don’t know the Google woman because of my own ignorance but I’m suspicious of the rest of them — what are the odds they aren’t placed there for some kind of bullshit promotional purpose by the makers of this infographic?

2. Nobody visits CNET first off in the morning.

Nobody. I don’t even think that anybody visits Bing or Google anymore, to be honest. But CNET? Really? We’re supposed to buy that as a totally unbiased placement?

3. One of these things is not like the other.

Let’s see: which is my dream university: Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, UCLA . . . and Millikin? Really?

4. But mostly, just can it already with the pink, purple, the shoes, the martinis, and the stupid references to shopping, will you?

I would just hope that in tech, finally, we might escape this kind of stuff. And for me, it’s not even about the stereotyping. It is honestly an aesthetic thing — I cannot stand it, people: purple and pink do not match. THEY DO NOT MATCH.