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The Readlines App takes recent headlines from your Google Reader list and streams them to your desktop as a sort of screen saver kind of deal. It’s like Trickle, but with Google Reader headlines instead of tweets. Cool! (Via Cult of Mac.)

Facebook Comments Plugin For WordPress

by anna on February 11, 2011

in plugins, wordpress

I’ve just recently installed the Facebook Comments plugin for WordPress at ABDPBT. The plugin allows users to comment on your blog using their Facebook profile, as well as “like” or post those comments to their own profile pages. You can download it here, and there is some troubleshooting advice here. (Note: it doesn’t play nicely with any of the Simple Facebook connect plugins, so you’ll need to deactivate those if you want to use this one.)

I’ve made no secret that I’m not much of a fan of Facebook, but it is immensely popular, and plugins like these help your readers by not requiring them to enter a name and URL every time they read. I’m hoping it will be a hit here.