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Tags: tv

The 7 Geographical/Socioeconomic/Ethnic Stereotypes Left For The Real Housewives Franchise To Exploit

The Real Housewives of Greenwich, CT. OR The Real Housewives of Pasadena, CA Source of Money: Oh, we don’t talk about that Favorite Drink: Highballs and mimosas Favorite Designers: Brooks Brothers, Lily Pullitzer Predominant Building Materials Used In Construction of Homes: Brick or Craftsman wood Flagship Foible: Once a housewife was caught wearing a colorful […]

À Bientôt, J’éspère, Dennis Rodman

[singlepic=528,560,560,,center] Ahh, the multilayered, nuanced, colorfully dressed and sneaky trainwreck that is Dennis Rodman. Now that he has been kicked off The Celebrity Apprentice, I’m not sure what I’ll miss most: him, his rhinestones, the Ed Hardy t-shirts, or the vodka/cranberry juice drinking. This week, as the Project Manager, Rodman lead the men’s team into […]