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Tags: Tanya

Tanya: Creature of the Night

People, we’re on vacation this week at this quaint place that doesn’t have wireless internet. This makes it hard to do new blog posts, and also there are these things called “family time” and “relaxation” that keep getting in the way of blogging progress. So today we’re in reruns–I’m bringing back a classic Tanya story […]

Tanya: Night Train (II)

Drunk, again and still, you were sitting in the papasan chair that always tipped over, about to hear about the three weeks Tanya had spent in the psych ward of the University’s medical center. The chair was the same one you had stuffed into the back of your mother’s old blue Volvo 240SL and driven […]

Tanya: Night Train (I)

You didn’t know that Night Train was anything more than an urban legend until that time you saw a bottle of it on Tanya‘s shelf, in the apartment you had once shared, on the first and last time you spoke with her after you had (inadvertently) gotten her institutionalized on a 24-hour hold (that lasted […]

Tanya: Director’s Cut

Like many wayward young adults, Tanya had extremely overprotective parents, though it would be impossible to say which came first: their exaggerated vigilance, or her rebellion. For as long as you had known her, Tanya had maintained at least two or three different versions of the truth, parceling it out carefully into personalized manuscripts that […]