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Tags: stupid & getting stupider

50 Ideas For Websites I Had This Morning

Cute Things Sneezing Cute Things Crying When Cute Things Attack I Can Haz Cute Thing? Cute Things In The Midst Of Existential Dilemmas Cute Things That Really Aren’t All That Cute Octomommyblog I Can Haz Hate Octomommyblog? Confessions of a WASPy, Old-Money Bostonian The Old-Money Bostonian’s Housekeeper Cooks! The Old-Money Bostonian: Portraiture The Old-Money Bostonian: […]

8 Examples of Stuff I Think About, and Stuff You Might Think About, Too, If You Read This Post Today

After the wild success of yesterday’s numbered post, I realized I wasn’t just whistlin’ dixie about numbered posts being all the rage. Why, Karen Sugarpants is doing it today! And so is Darren Rowse. Can Dooce and P-dub be far behind? Who knew I was such a trendsetter? That was sarcasm.You will find I use […]

100 Books: I (Smugly) Weigh in on a List of “Must Reads,” and Then, As Usual, Pass Judgment On People In General

People love lists. I am no different. Whenever I see a list of something, I’m like, “Well, we’ll see about THAT.” Did you know that if you put a number in your title–like “Top 9 Political Decisions Made Recently by John McCain That Suggest Dementia,” or “15 Reasons Why Deciding to Homeschool Your Kids is […]

This is not a Saturday Night Live Skit, I Swear, But it Might Be Next Week

[singlepic=214,540,430,,center] From the New York Stock Exchange‘s website: NEW YORK, Sept. 22, 2008 – The New York Stock Exchange today welcomed His Highness, Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, Prime Minister of the State of Kuwait. His Highness met with NYSE Euronext CEO Duncan Niederauer and commenced the day’s trading by ringing the NYSE Opening Bell. […]

Relationship Status: I’ll Tell You Later . . .

When I was doing online dating, there was always the one creep who would answer, “I’ll tell you later” under the relationship status on match (or wherever). I suspect there were many more people who fit into this category of “I’ll tell you later,” but they were smarter than to answer that question truthfully, or […]

A Different Breed of Geek; Or, Why Mainstream Media Sucks, Part 843,007

Mr. Right-Click left a copy of the latest Wired magazine on my vanity this morning. He claimed that there were some things of interest in it for me, and while flipping through it, he said, “See, they’ll have all this cool stuff, and then they bust out with something like this: [singlepic=200,440,330,,center] . . . […]

Imaginary Journalism: ABDPBT interviews Sarah Palin on Her List of Proposed Banned Books That Is Circulating the Internet Despite The Fact That It is Probably Bogus. Because What If It Weren’t? Wouldn’t This Be Funny?

My mother forwarded me an email yesterday from a group soliciting responses to be posted on a blog called Women Against Sarah Palin. Though I think Sarah Palin is an ignorant bigot fucktard, I must admit that I am hesitant to join a group that calls itself such a reactionary name–what are we against, exactly? […]