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Tags: starfucking

Your Wife Or Longtime Girlfriend Just Won The Best Actress Oscar! Now What?

Sob from your front-row seat at the Kodak Theater, thereby underscoring your love for your far more successful spouse. Admit candidly to the Access Hollywood camera that yes, this might just be the most beautiful she has ever looked, right here tonight. Protest early and often what a treat it is to be involved with […]

À Bientôt, J’éspère, Dennis Rodman

[singlepic=528,560,560,,center] Ahh, the multilayered, nuanced, colorfully dressed and sneaky trainwreck that is Dennis Rodman. Now that he has been kicked off The Celebrity Apprentice, I’m not sure what I’ll miss most: him, his rhinestones, the Ed Hardy t-shirts, or the vodka/cranberry juice drinking. This week, as the Project Manager, Rodman lead the men’s team into […]

Date Zero With Dirty Rotten Cat Lover, Also Known As The Man Who Would Become Mr. Right-Click: Part Two

When we left off, the Dirty Rotten Cat Lover had just invited me to join him for dinner at the Polo Lounge. Though I teased him about his supposedly cancelled “dinner meeting” and the initial invitation for “drinks only,” I was not truly offended by the Cat Lover’s excuses. Quickly upon sitting down, he revealed […]

Boulevard of Broken Dreams

[singlepic=176,440,330,,center] Jon and Kate now have a billboard of their own on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, which is like the Times Square of Los Angeles, in case you’ve never visited it. But what’s that totally black building underneath it, you know right below the sign, below the ominous storm clouds that were gathering, […]