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Tags: investment bankers

10 Verbs That Should Have Stuck To Being Nouns

[singlepic=240,560,330,,center] To belt, e.g. “40,000 Heidi Montags in belted sweaters doesn’t make it right.” To text, e.g. “They have been dating for four weeks, but as they texted extensively before that, we can hardly argue the shotgun marriage is premature.” To partner, aka “Kanye West and Estelle have ‘just touched down in London town’ and […]

For NuNu: The Butt-Checker of Barnard Way

So, I was speaking to my friend, R, on the phone this weekend. She informs me that her youngest brother, NuNu, is disappointed that I haven’t featured him as a character in this blog yet. So I am to believe that NuNu, the boy that grew up to become an investment banker–which is like, so […]

Date Zero with LanternJaw, Part the Second

LanternJaw and I met at–oh, would that I were making this up, my friends–an Indian restaurant called Tantra in Silverlake. I wore the signature Mid-to-Late-June-2004 DZ Outfit (pls cf. DZ with AllBusiness report for description thx), and thus was rocking a Sluttiness Factor of +2, which (thankfully) only registers as minor sluttiness. LanternJaw is a […]