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Facebook v. Twitter

Digital Surgeons’ infographic on Facebook v. Twitter shows some interesting things about the profiles of typical users, and how the services are used, including: Facebook is much bigger, and people use it far more often, updating their status way more than most Twitter users do; More people are likely to follow (or like) a brand […]

Late Night Google Searches Inspired By The Social Network

www.thesocialnetwork.com www.thefacebook.com how do I find The Facebook how much of Facebook does Justin Timberlake own? So, Aaron Sorkin — totally in love with his own wit, even at the expense of verisimilitude, right? Eduardo Facebook founder not possibly that good looking Sean Parker douchebag Wait Justin Timberlake founded Napster? percentage of harvard dropouts to […]

In Spite Of My Well-Documented Issues With The Book of Faces, I’m Braving The People’s Republic Of Facebook

The thing about social media is that you don’t get to decide what the next thing is, or where people are going to go. Even if it’s to something you suspect might be the suckiest thing ever. Perhaps I’ve mentioned my thoughts on Facebook? Suffice to say I’m not much of a fan of the […]