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Tags: debt

Mortgage Company Supervisor To Me: “I’m Not Surprised You Flipped Out–If That Is Indeed What Happened.”

I’m pretty anal about making my mortgage payments on time early. Sometimes I’ll even send a bill pay before I’ve received the bill in the mail. Which? yeah, probably not super smart to do, but I’m compulsive, and besides, the mortgage number never changes. Well, until it does. Like last month, when the mortgage company […]

Stop Gap Jobs: Your Defense Against Petty Debt

[singlepic=62,560,560,,center]Photo by Rozzyraspberry Let’s face it: I’ve been writing this damn blog long enough to start inventing financial terms. I mean, really, what kind of qualifications does one have to have to be a personal finance guru? If Suze Orman is any measure, you apparently don’t need good taste in jackets. Or any consistency in […]

Announcing the ABDPBT Personal Finance Snowflaking-Is-The-New-Hotness Pageant!

Well, after writing about debt snowflaking yesterday, I decided it was time to conduct an experiment. Perhaps experiment is not the right word. Demonstration? Production? Pageant? I don’t know. But I thought maybe it would be interesting to see just how much this debt snowflaking thing can do in real terms. And to demonstrate for […]

Previously Announced Credit Card Reforms Are To Be Reformed, In The Sense That They Are To Be Changed, But Not That They Are To Be Made Better

Yeah. Remember how I said they were going to make some changes to the credit card regulations beginning in 2010? Not so much. Or, rather, they ARE going to make SOME changes, but the changes I listed were apparently only “proposed” changes. Now that they are done with the “proposal” stage, there are even less […]

5 Things to Do/Have/Buy/Arrange For If You Want to be a Grown Up

Well, it’s Monday again, so it’s time for a list, and I had a little trouble coming up with an idea this week. I felt like I needed to talk about insurance again, but an in-depth discussion of insurance doesn’t lend itself nicely to a list. So then I thought, hey, when I was getting […]