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Tags: dave ramsey

Frugality Is Not A Moral Imperative

[singlepic=43,750,750,,center]Photo by slaneder I’ve identified an alarming trend in the world of personal finance blogs: it’s not a new phenomenon, but apparently marginalizing people based upon the fact that they live paycheck-to-paycheck is gaining more traction in the context of the Great Recession. I think most people know intuitively that they’re not supposed to make […]

Just Married: Maintain Separate Accounts?

[singlepic=34,560,560,,center]Photo by chiseled marble I know somebody who is getting a divorce. I’m sure you do as well, but this person’s financial situation is somewhat unusual in that there are a lot of marital assets, and the spouse has used real estate and arrangements with his/her employer to hide additional assets from the eyes of […]

5 Thoughts On Suze Orman’s 5 Recession Rescue Steps As Presented On Oprah Last Week

I read somewhere that Suze Orman is the blue state version of Dave Ramsey–I’m pretty sure I read that and didn’t make it up myself, I should say. And I do think this is superficially true: Suze is a woman, she’s self-made, she’s a lesbian, and is presumably more liberal in a social sense than […]

And The Single Greatest Tool For Increasing Your Financial Security Is . . .

Dave Ramsey has a saying. Actually, he has a lot of sayings. Today I’ll just focus on the one that goes a little something like this: “your income is your single greatest tool for increasing your personal wealth,” or “Ed MacMahon is not coming!” Or something like that. You can substitute in “increasing your financial […]