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Tags: budgeting

Stop Gap Jobs: Your Defense Against Petty Debt

[singlepic=62,560,560,,center]Photo by Rozzyraspberry Let’s face it: I’ve been writing this damn blog long enough to start inventing financial terms. I mean, really, what kind of qualifications does one have to have to be a personal finance guru? If Suze Orman is any measure, you apparently don’t need good taste in jackets. Or any consistency in […]

23 Unusual And Occasionally Strange Ways To Make Extra Money

[singlepic=60,560,560,,center]Photo by meppol This week I’ve put together a huge list of potential supplemental income sources from various spots around the web as well as my own brain. Some of these ideas are more realistic than others, and some are saner than others, it’s true. There are some humdingers in this list, incidentally, so don’t […]

Just Married: Maintain Separate Accounts?

[singlepic=34,560,560,,center]Photo by chiseled marble I know somebody who is getting a divorce. I’m sure you do as well, but this person’s financial situation is somewhat unusual in that there are a lot of marital assets, and the spouse has used real estate and arrangements with his/her employer to hide additional assets from the eyes of […]