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How Much Does BlogHer Think Your Trust Capital Is Worth? Five Bucks.

The BlogHer Publishing Network has just launched a new sponsored campaign to target their network members who use Twitter and Facebook. 100 bloggers from the 2,500-blogger strong network have been invited to participate in the “ninja team” running this campaign, and in return they will receive the lofty sum of $5 per tweet/Facebook message they […]

15 More Headlines To Transpose Onto Creative Commons Stock Photos

Five Years Later, Mommyblogger Still Ranting About Unpaid Product Reviews Mommyblogger Gets Bumped from Third Place Morning Show; Internet Forgets To Care In The Midst Of 3-Day, Multi-Post, Psychotic And Expletive-Laden Rampage, Blogger Declares Questions About Business Revenue “Rude” In The Wake Of Criticism Of Elitist Criteria For Entry To Last Year’s Annual Party, Popular […]

Understanding The BlogHer Ad Tier System: Part One

This is the first in several posts explaining the statistical evidence I have found that suggests there is a tier system that — together with traffic — governs how much money publishers on the BlogHer Ad network make from running advertisements on their blogs. For a review of what I’ve discussed already on the topic, […]

9 Surefire Ways To Infuriate Your Ad Network

Attempt to democratize the process of making money from a mommyblog by posting a series of how-to articles explaining different models for monetizing blogs and blog-related endeavors exclusive of large network sanctioned display advertising. Suggest that there might be a means of throwing parties and having fun without cultivating sponsors with the help of venture […]