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Tags: baby

Slip Sliding Away

My son is relatively new to this whole walking thing, and sometimes he slides on our wannabe Pergo floors if he’s wearing socks. Usually, socks made for babies/toddlers come with treads on the bottom to help kids avoid this problem, but Mini’s feet (to which Mr. Right-Click affectionately refers as “boats,” e.g. “the S.S. Mini,” […]

SkipHop Chow Repurposed as Coffee Disc Organizer

I am cuckoo for SkipHop products! In the first months of my son’s life, I acquired the SkipHop Splash (bottle drying rack), the SkipHop Pronto (small diaper changing tote that fits into a purse or straps onto a wrist and carries all of the essentials without all of the bulk) and the SkipHop Chow, a […]