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Monetizing the Mommyblog

After returning from the Mom 2.0 Summit in February of 2010, I was inspired to write a series on monetizing by several of the conference speakers who had explained their experiments in monetizing their blogs. Because all of these speakers were “mommybloggers” or bloggers who self-identified as “moms,” I named the series “Monetizing the Mommyblog,” but these tactics could certainly be employed on any type of blog with a healthy sized audience.

  1. Product Placement, explained by Gabrielle Blair, aka Design Mom, here: The Mayflower Model: Design Mom Pitches A Deal To A Brand That Already Appeals To Her Readership
  2. Multi-Platform Expansion, from my talk with Heather Armstrong, aka Dooce, here: More On Dooce And HGTV: Is The Future of Mommy Blogging An Expansion of Platforms?
  3. Sponsored videos, from my talk with DECA TV and Momversation panelists, here: The Momversation Model: Corporate-Sponsored Video Content
  4. Third-party microsites, as explained by Maggie Mason (aka Mighty Girl), here: The Life List And The Microsite Model: Mighty Girl On How To Price Out A Content Column
  5. Gift Suites, in conjunction with conferences, as demonstrated by Alison Czarnecki (Petit Elefant) and Marie Baron (Make & Takes): The Gift Suite Model: Building A Positive Brand Association For Cambria Cove
  6. Private Ad Sales, also explained by Gabrielle Blair, aka Design Mom, here: The Private Ad Sales Model: 9 Tips From Design Mom On Selling Your Own Blog Advertising

Since then, I have added to the series with my own monetizing content, including my own product placement experiment posts and posts on my experience with selling private ads, and from watching stuff around the community. All of these posts are listed below.

The Great ABDPBT Product Placement Experiment

  1. Announcing The Great ABDPBT Product Placement Experiment
  2. The Great ABDPBT Product Placement Experiment Update
  3. What I Have Learned From The Great ABDPBT Product Placement Experiment Thusfar

Private Ad Sales

  1. First Draft Of Email Advertising Solicitation Letter For Your Review And Critique PLUS — A Poll!
  2. What I’ve Learned About Selling Private Ads For ABDPBT — Plus: DEALS
  3. My free ebook, How to Fire Your Ad Network And Start Making Money From Your Blog

Other models

  1. The Hashtag Model: Monetizing And Mobilizing Via Get-Togethers, Both Locally And On Twitter