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Sometimes The Comments Are Better Than The Post

Look, it’s true.

These posts have awesome comment threads, and you’d be missing out if you didn’t read them.

The one where I called Dooce a bully

Considerations for The Online Border Personality. Really the best part of this was a fairly respectful conversation of the problem with Maytagate that took place in the conversation, mostly between people other than myself.

The one where Alice Bradley (Finslippy) shows up and invites us all over for cheese.

A Confederacy of Something Or Other: My Much-Anticipated Broad Summit Post-Game Analysis. I’m pretty sure she did it because she knows I’m too far away to actually show up on her doorstep. Because otherwise, I’d TOTALLY do it.

The one where Heather Armstrong (Dooce) shows up and invites me over for sweet tea, if she ever moves to LA.

WTF Does Dooce Have Up Her Sleeve? Some Thoughts. There’s a theme developing here — something like, calm the crazy woman with food and sedatives. But I find it odd nobody has chosen to use cupcakes yet.

The one where I talk about how to be successful as a mommyblogger you might have to have something really awful happen to you, or be exceptionally beautiful.

MommyBlog Traffic Building Tropes Of Varying Efficacies. What ended up happening here is one of the commenters came up with the idea for the ABDPBT Glossary to help people understand what I’m talking about sometimes, because there is so much inside language it’s hard to keep up.

The one where we speculate whether or not somebody’s washer dryer set was paid for by Kenmore, or not. Several times.

Nope, I cannot even really explain this one. You’re just going to have to see it to believe it. The Self-Appointed Empress Has No Clothes Because They Are Still In Her Kenmore Dryer, Which We Still Are Not Sure If She Got For Free Or Bought Herself

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