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Controversial Posts

Sometimes I know a post I write will be controversial. Other times, it can take me by surprise. Here are the posts that got me into trouble.

Production Company To Cast Reality Show On Mom Bloggers: Discuss. When the Project Momcasting plans were first announced, the reception from the community was frosty in some areas. Still, many people decided to try out for a spot on a hypothetical reality show about the world of Mommyblogging. And much speculation occurred here, particularly in the comment thread, about what such a show might entail.

Suburban Bliss v. Chicken Liver Smackdown: Postponed Indefinitely, PLUS: Some Unsolicited Moralizing By Me. This started out pretty ugly, but progressively got better. Stick with it.

The 5 Stages In The Life Of A Daddy Blogger. This post was satire — but, as is the case with most satire, there is some truth to it. I had no idea how badly it would go over in certain sections of the community. But I would find out.

Joking About Unpaid Writers At MamaPop Is Serious Bidness. All I can say about this one is make sure to check the comments from the writers.