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Double Dish By Joseph Joseph

by anna on November 22, 2010

New here? You may want to subscribe to the (free) ABDPBT Commodity Fetishism RSS Feed. For an explanation of how RSS subscriptions work, please see this explanatory post. Or, you can also sign up to receive new ABDPBT Commodity Fetishism posts by email (also free). The Double Dish by Joseph Joseph is a clever solution [...]

These photo prints are from Marcos Minuchin’s series of photographs depicting The Secret Life of Toys. These and many others are available in limited edition from his Etsy store. 1. Son of Man 2. Fly Me To The Moon 3. Java for Jawa 4. I’m Your Father

Pill Carafes By Jonathan Adler

by anna on October 11, 2010

You might think that, as a recovering alcoholic, I would have a problem with this trend of fetishizing prescription drug paraphernalia into jewelry and home decoration items. I do, in theory, but not in practice. Take these Pill Carafes by Jonathan Adler — I should find them annoying and offensive, and I probably would, were [...]

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