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Organizational Products For The New Year

by anna on January 3, 2011

New here? You may want to subscribe to the (free) ABDPBT Commodity Fetishism RSS Feed. For an explanation of how RSS subscriptions work, please see this explanatory post. Or, you can also sign up to receive new ABDPBT Commodity Fetishism posts by email (also free). Well, it’s a new year, which means it’s time to [...]

Shower Caddy Octopus

by anna on December 21, 2010

This Octopus shower caddy is far more interesting than just the usual wire frame model, if you ask me.

5 Edible Or Food-Related Gift Ideas

by anna on December 6, 2010

1. Pizza Clippers Hey look! Pizza Clippers! 2. Compost Cookies I don’t even know what to say about these except: “Yes, please!” (Via A Cup of Jo). 3. Chop Round Knife Why not make chopping more fun (or, you know, just slightly easier) with this Chop Round Knife by LucidiPevere Studio? I mean, other than [...]

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