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work and money

Can You Make Money Blogging? And, If So, How Much? Pls. Thx.

[singlepic=35,750,750,,center]Photo by dhodge A recent Wall Street Journal article seems to have gotten everyone buzzing again about how there is a fortune to be made blogging. One of the claims made in Mark Penn’s article is that “In America, there are almost as many people making their living as bloggers as there are lawyers.” Since […]

Budgeting for the Self-Employed

[singlepic=1,650,650,,center] I recently discussed how to create your own Zero-Based Budget. To review, the Zero-Based Budget is a budget in which your income minus your expenses equals zero. In other words, every dollar has a place to go. When you talk about budgets, there’s always somebody in the crowd who says, “But . . .” […]