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Eleven Moms Is Two Short Of a Baker’s Dozen, Plus Or Minus Who Gives a Crap, So Get Over Your Jealousy And Get Back To Work

Well I’ll tell you what, internet, it’s tough to be an Eleven Mom these days. Not that I would know, of course, but– What? What’s that you say? You don’t know what an Eleven Mom is? You don’t keep up on all things Walmart, then? Surely you shop at Walmart, then? No? The Eleven Moms […]

23 Unusual And Occasionally Strange Ways To Make Extra Money

[singlepic=60,560,560,,center]Photo by meppol This week I’ve put together a huge list of potential supplemental income sources from various spots around the web as well as my own brain. Some of these ideas are more realistic than others, and some are saner than others, it’s true. There are some humdingers in this list, incidentally, so don’t […]

Listing the Net Worth of Personal Finance Bloggers

[singlepic=57,500,500,,left]Source: SuburbanDollar Suburban Dollar has started to list the (reported) net worth of personal finance bloggers in a new feature called wealthy bloggers. Intriguing idea, but in this case in raises more questions than it answers. The chief among which questions are: why are we listening to financial advice from somebody with a net worth […]