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Facebook Comments Plugin For WordPress

I’ve just recently installed the Facebook Comments plugin for WordPress at ABDPBT. The plugin allows users to comment on your blog using their Facebook profile, as well as “like” or post those comments to their own profile pages. You can download it here, and there is some troubleshooting advice here. (Note: it doesn’t play nicely […]

3 WordPress Backup Plugins You Need To Make Sure (And Doubly Sure) You Don’t Lose Your Blog Database

One thing I have never been particularly good about here is reliably backing up everything on this site, and then making backups of the backups to ensure against catastrophe. I mean, sure — I have my webhost run backups every once in a while, but they are not done regularly enough to ensure that I […]


PadPressed is a WordPress plugin that automatically reformats your posts so that everything looks good on an iPad. This sounds good until you remember that you really don’t give a crap about making things easier for people who bought an iPad because why in the hell did you buy an iPad, you douchebags? (Via @Smashingmag).