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waxing philosophical

Why The Secret of Successful Bookselling Is To Let People Copy Your Ideas And Put Them On Wikipedia

So here’s what happened. First I read an article on a well-known website on a topic that interested me (marketing and how irrationality is at the heart of all human endeavor). Then I set out to write a post on this general topic, because the first premise discussed was about how sometimes premium consumer options […]

Can You Buy Enthusiasm For Your Brand?

The latest trend in the commercialization of the mommy blogosphere is to hire bloggers to serve as “brand enthusiasts.” As far as I can tell, being a “brand enthusiast” involves product giveaways and throwing parties the brand, inviting local friends (ideally other bloggers) to local sponsored brand enthusiast events, and then covering these events on […]

Brand Bullying: Is It The Power Of Social Media? Or Is It Just The Power Of Celebrity? And Who Will Protect Maytag From Us?

If you were on Twitter on Thursday morning between about 10:00 and 12:00 PST, you might have caught a little showdown of sorts in the mommy blogosphere as it exists on Twitter. By the way, we like showdowns in the mommy blogosphere–perhaps you’ve gleaned as much in recent weeks. Now, this particular showdown came as […]