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waxing philosophical

Yes, You ARE A Mommyblogger. And That’s (More Than) OK.

A recent AdWeek article (hat tip: Mir) cites a study done by eMarketer that defined mommybloggers (for the purposes of defining ad verticals, that is) as “adult female Internet users with children under 18 in the household who write blogs about any subject at least monthly.” The total number of “mommybloggers” by this definition — […]

Does Moving On Up Have To Mean Losing Touch? Update On The Blurbodoocery Housing Situation & Some Open Ended Questions

Well, the three-part update on Dooce’s housing situation is now complete, and it looks like the Armstrongs will indeed be moving, just as we suspected, even if HGTV is not (immediately) involved. I say immediately here because, at the end of the fourth post, Dooce made a reference to the “opportunities” that are offered by […]