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My 3 Top Picks From New ABDPBT Sponsor, The Vintage Pearl

Today I’m excited to introduce a new ABDPBT sponsor, The Vintage Pearl, an online purveyor of fine, beautiful, and surprisingly affordable hand-stamped keepsake jewelry and other silver and stainless steel goods. Their styles are particularly appealing to moms, since you can customize with the names of your children, and add different charms as you add […]

Toddler Cutlery By Fabrikators & Josefine Bentzen

This set of toddler cutlery is pretty expensive, but then it’s also free from BpA, Phthalates or PVC, and still dishwasher and microwave safe, and made from food-approved ABS and TPE plastic. It also was made taking into account how toddlers hold things, but I’ll just let this highly suggestive quote stand on its own: […]

S-XL Cake Mold

Here’s a solution for those annoying stick-thin people at every cake-enabled party who are like, “Oh, just a small slice for me, please,” while they eyeball your ass like they haven’t seen anything that big since Shamu. And then you’re thinking, “Screw you, lady, just for that, I’ll take the extra large piece AND a […]

Book End Book Ends

These Book End bookends are all business and cut right to the chase. In fact, they’re so shockingly unrepentent in their literal take on things, that for a second you think maybe they are just the most deadpan joking set of bookends you’ve ever met. And then you think, alternatively, that perhaps they are actually […]