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Under $200

Star Egg Nightlight By J. Schatz

These egg nightlights by J. Schatz make star patterns on the ceiling of the nursery, which will be a big hit with your three-month old, and might make a nice gift for new parents. Of course, once the kid gets big enough to grab things, you’re going to want to keep this far away from […]

Love Pillow by Lulu de Kwiatkowski

The thing about getting pillows made by a socialite is that you don’t really know when they’re going to just be stopped and asked to pose for a picture, or if maybe they’ll have to sign an autograph, or hang out with Kelly Killoren Bensimon. I mean, sure, they’re exciting and well-dressed, but who knows […]

City Plates, Collection 1, By Not Neutral

The City Plates collections are arranged according to common themes among cities and include: Collection 2: New Orleans, Washington, D.C., Las Vegas and Dubai Collection 3: Brasilia, St. Petersburg, Melbourne and New York Collection 4: London, Rome, Mexico City and Tokyo Collection 5:Chicago, Paris, Montreal and Mumbai

Who Tall Are You? Mirror by Suck UK

Why get mired down in details like inches and feet when discussing your height when you can use a celebrity as your ruler? The Who Tall Are You Mirror measures your height by proximity to relevant celebrity. By that scale, I’m about a Kate Moss. And I’m taking it. About $150.