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5 Stocking Stuffer Ideas From Good For The Kids — Plus A 20% Off Coupon Code!

Hey, did you guys know that Angie from A Whole Lot of Nothing has an online store for kids called Good for the Kids? Well, color me an idiot because she has had it all this time and I didn’t know, and I’ve never featured her here on Commodity Fetishism, despite the fact that she […]

5 Recycled Crayon Designs You Haven’t Seen Before

Recycled crayons are nothing new, and they aren’t really tough to make, either, but if you’re too lazy, or not interested in the ring designs that are popular right now for your kid’s next birthday party, check out the designs available from Zebree on Etsy. They have a ton and will even make up custom […]

How To Make Spill-Proof Bubble Party Favors

Those of you who have older kids might already know about these, because I think they’ve been around a while, but anyone with a two-year-old or a soon-to-be-two-year-old should take note of the wonder that is the Spill Proof Bubble Tumbler. At some point — and if they are not already — your child will […]