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12 Things That Are Almost As Crazy As Kelly Killoren Bensimon On St. John. But Not Quite.

The writing staff of Lost — if they think I’m buying the deus-ex-machina “explaining” the black smoke monster was planned from day one — not to mention what other crocks of shit they plan to feed me about the island and its majesty later on this evening. The eyes of Shannon Brown, Grant Hill, and […]

11 Problems With Watching The Real Housewives Of New York And The Real Housewives Of New Jersey In The Same Week

Sonja’s sex hair — while admittedly still wildly inappropriate for lunch with Jill and Ramona at the Four Seasons — is still not big enough for the Sheriff’s dinner in Franklin Lakes. Ramona’s eyes are almost as crazy as Danielle actually is. On RHONY, “Brooklyn” is an insult. On “RHONJ,” “Jersey” is not an insult. […]

I Don’t Pity the Fool

[singlepic id=561 w=560 h=560 float=center]Text art by Arhcamtilnaad This week’s Tudors (pronounced in the Right-Click household as Tjoodors, fyi) featured Henry VIII all tricked out in full emo mode. Apparently, after the death of Jane Seymour, Henry started wearing all-black outfits and eyeliner, drinking too much coffee, and throwing flowers onstage at Smiths concerts, etc., […]

8 Lesser-Known Heroes And Their Poorly Publicized, Second-Rate Superpowers

[Ed. Note: Thanks to Mr. Right-Click for helping me with both the conceptualization and realization of this list.] The Recycler. Give him an empty aluminum can, and he gives you a check for 1/10th of a cent, redeemable at your local grocery store or check-cashing establishment. Yes: just like that. Sentence Fragment. Mostly a loner […]