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trust capital

Promotional Method: Sponsored Posts That Aren’t Technically Sponsored Posts

There’s a tactic for promotion in blogs that has been gaining popularity about which I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, it annoys the crap out of me that bloggers who do this assume nobody can connect the dots. But on the other hand I’m kind of impressed with their ingenuity, too, so I’m […]

Tip: Maybe Don’t Let Your Trust Capital Situation Get This Bad

Some of you have been asking me to write about MckMama for a while now. (If you’re not familiar with MckMama, she is a blogger named Jennifer McKinney who blogs at MyCharmingKids.net, and who is most notable IMO to outsiders for the fact that she has inspired a huge following that is only surpassed in […]

More Unsolicited Advice On Content Campaigns In Social Media

It was almost a year ago that I attended the Mom 2.0 Summit in Houston and listened to a keynote address from Heather Armstrong (Dooce), Maggie Mason (Mighty Girl), and Gabrielle Blair (Design Mom). Their keynote was excellent. In large part this is why I had been recommending the Mom 2.0 Summit to people who […]

How Much Does BlogHer Think Your Trust Capital Is Worth? Five Bucks.

The BlogHer Publishing Network has just launched a new sponsored campaign to target their network members who use Twitter and Facebook. 100 bloggers from the 2,500-blogger strong network have been invited to participate in the “ninja team” running this campaign, and in return they will receive the lofty sum of $5 per tweet/Facebook message they […]