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toddler years

How to Stop Tantrums (Sometimes); Or, When You Say, “Terrible Twos,” Does That Generally Include The Whole Second Year of Life In Its Entirety? And About How Long Does It Last Beyond That, Would You Say?

At 18 months, and as yesterday’s post suggests, Mini has decided to begin his Terrible Twos. I have been assured that, though it seems unfair that he is starting so young, this is pretty common, and hey, I was always an overachiever myself, so I’m a little touched that he wants to pursue the advanced […]

33 Things That Might Cause Tantrums (As It Turns Out)

[singlepic=240,540,330,,center] Mommy leaving the room. Daddy leaving the room. Mommy staying in line while Daddy takes me to get something at the deli section of the grocery store. Mommy getting in the shower. Daddy getting in the shower. Daddy going to work. Bedtime. Bedtime without nightlight. Bedtime without proper snuggling procedure. Bedtime before 7pm. Bedtime […]

Can We Talk? (Because I’m Not Really Sure.)

“NUTS!” The proclamation was made just as we were pulling into the garage after a trip to Target one afternoon last week. I turned around, half-expecting to be confronted by a 1930s street urchin selling newspapers out of the back of my car. But it was just Mini, smiling back at me, resting comfortably in […]

Save Your Singles, Pal–Cash Won’t Buy You Jack in This Nap Dance

[singlepic=279,560,330,,center] Are you connoisseurs of the nap dance, my friends? And no, by using the term “nap dance,” I am most certainly not making reference to a type of “special” dance made available to cash-heavy gentlemen in the VIP room of Crazy Horse. Once again, I will kindly ask you to remove your mind from […]

6 Inappropriate Songs Played at My Gym, Plus 1 Extended Explanation of What My Gym Is Since Maybe You Don’t Already Know

[singlepic=240,540,330,,center] Every Saturday morning, Mr. Right-Click and I take Mini to a place called My Gym. If you’re not familiar with My Gym, it is an indoor gymnastic recreation establishment (not unlike Gymboree) where you take your kids to tire them out and–hopefully–buy yourselves some naptime later in the day. Unlike some indoor playgrounds, the […]

Chuck E. Cheese is the Proprietor of Chuck E. Cheese’s, a Restaurant and Gaming Establishment in Which a Kid Can Be a Kid

[singlepic=128,440,330,,center] “Oh–I see, it’s Chuck E. Cheese‘s. I never knew that.” “What do you mean you didn’t know that? You just said, ‘Look, it’s Chuck E. Cheese, let’s go to Chuck E. Cheese!’” “Yeah, I said Chuck E. Cheese. Not Chuck E. Cheese’s. Look at the sign.” “Yeah, his name is Chuck E. Cheese. But […]