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12 Suggestions For A Rebranding Of Toddler Age-Based Stereotyping

The “Fuck You” Threes Var: The “Hey, You’re Fucked!” Threes The “Whole New Ball Game” Threes The “OK, Fine, You’re The Boss!” Threes Three: Wheeeeeee! The “No!!!!!!!! AM NOT! I NOT Three!” Threes The “Don’t Say That! Don’t SAY. NOT!” Threes “A-CAUSE I Don’t WAN You Say That!” Threes The “We Only Call It ‘The […]

Mediating The Discourse Of The Poopy

Ever since Mini turned three, everything is “poopy” this and “poopy” that. It was probably a little before he turned three, actually, that this fascination with talking about poop took hold, but I didn’t actually mention it in front of Mini’s teacher until the other day. “If you don’t stop climbing on me, little man, […]