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sucky sweepstakes!

Time Is Running Out–Four Hours Left to Enter the Second Bimontly SemiMonthly Perrenial ABDPBT Sucky Sweepstakes!

[singlepic=76,320,240,,right]People, just a few hours left. Please go to the comment section of this post to enter to win a Diamancel Foot File. Just come up with your best example of stupid in the past week, and if you’d like to enter more than once, go for it! I will be picking the winner sometime […]

Attention: It’s Time for the Second Bimonthly(?)/Periannual/Bicentennial ABDPBT Sucky Sweepstakes!!

[singlepic=76,320,240,,right] That’s right, it’s that time again! I’d like to announce the second contest in the transparent self-promoting sweepstakes giveaways! The rules are the same as last time: your task is to find a candidate for “This Week in Stupid” by this time next week (Wednesday, September 10, 2008, at 12:30 p.m. PST. You may […]

Announcing: The Winner of the Inaugural ABDPBT Sucky Sweepstakes is . . .

[singlepic=99,440,330,,center] . . . well, of course I’m going to make you read a whole post explaining who/what/when/where/why, did you think it would be that easy? Silly readers. OK, so I wanted to award this person for coming up with the best example of stupidity in this past week: Orange 08.13.08 at 1:37 pm Are […]

In the Tradition of the Pioneer Woman–Announcing the First ABDPBT Sucky Sweepstakes!

[singlepic=76,320,240,,right]Don’t worry, the gloom and doom will continue tomorrow–but today I’d like to announce the latest in a series of transparent self-promotion techniques: A SWEEPSTAKES GIVEAWAY!! I think you know by now that I’m not above copying what works for other people in order to advance my own agenda. It’s the American way, and oh […]