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The One Where I Convince You to Always Have Your Brows Professionally Shaped and Tinted

[singlepic=103,440,330,,center] I don’t know, maybe you’re like me and you’ve spent several years trying to figure out the best place to get waxed (in Los Angeles, or wherever you hail from). You’ve checked the beauty boards at Craigslist, you’ve checked the Citysearch pages, you’ve even trolled Makeupalley, desperate for depilatory advice. Still, you have no […]

I Go to Santa Monica and Come Back 2 inches and $209 Lighter, Now with Pictures

[singlepic=61,440,330,,center] Today I went to get my hair cut at Fred Segal Beauty. As you might imagine, it was all terribly glamorous. If you’re not familiar with Fred Segal, it is a sort of marketplace for all manner of overpriced goods, be they clothing, accessories, housewares, or beauty products and services. I will introduce it […]