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Social Media Campaigns

In Spite Of My Well-Documented Issues With The Book of Faces, I’m Braving The People’s Republic Of Facebook

The thing about social media is that you don’t get to decide what the next thing is, or where people are going to go. Even if it’s to something you suspect might be the suckiest thing ever. Perhaps I’ve mentioned my thoughts on Facebook? Suffice to say I’m not much of a fan of the […]

How Suggested Users On Twitter Are Changing The Face Of The Mommyblogosphere

The Suggested Users Function (Find People –> Browse Interests –> Choose Topic) on Twitter is interesting: for various different topics of interest, Twitter generates a list of people that are thought of as leaders in that niche and, therefore, good people to follow. All of the people who are on the list — regardless of […]

Blogger and Brand Pairings: Baby Care Products With Established Niche Blogger

Monetizing The Mommyblog, Brands And Bloggers: An ABDPBT Personal Finance Series Welcome to the latest incarnation of the Monetizing the Mommyblog series on ABDPBT Personal Finance. This Bloggers and Brands Series focuses on content-column pairings — the compensation involved, how the deals are made, and the pros and cons of each deal between a blogger […]