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Mortgage Company Supervisor To Me: “I’m Not Surprised You Flipped Out–If That Is Indeed What Happened.”

I’m pretty anal about making my mortgage payments on time early. Sometimes I’ll even send a bill pay before I’ve received the bill in the mail. Which? yeah, probably not super smart to do, but I’m compulsive, and besides, the mortgage number never changes. Well, until it does. Like last month, when the mortgage company […]

Bank Failures Abound

From the FDIC: FDIC Approves the Payout of the Insured Deposits of First Bank of Beverly Hills, Calabasas, California. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) approved the payout of the insured deposits of First Bank of Beverly Hills, Calabasas, California. The bank was closed today by the California Department of Financial Institutions, which appointed the […]

AIG CEO Claims To Have Asked For Half of Bullshit Bonuses to Be Returned, Fears Death Threats, Thereby Proving He’s Only About 50% Dumbass, As It Turns Out

I’m sure this whole thing will be cleared up in just a few hours, now that C-SPAN is reporting that AIG’s CEO, Edward Liddy, has asked for part of some of the bonuses paid to executives to be given back. While testifying in front of the House Financial Services subcomittee, Liddy apparently said that he […]

4 Sneaky Ways That Retailers Try To Get You To Overspend, Plus How to Avoid Them

We all know that our feelings can lead us to overspending. But did you know that marketers have specific strategies designed to make us spend? Like with specific names and instructions on how to deploy and whatnot? Here’s a list of some of these common strategies and ideas on how to steel yourself against them. […]