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sane spending

8 Things I Still Waste Money On (Upon Which I Still Waste Money? Who Cares?)

I haven’t really been on my personal financial game of late. Oh sure, we’re still using our household budget, and I’ve even been cooking dinner with my new menu plan that I totally ripped off from Simple Mom (nope, not ready to link her yet, still in denial). But there’s a little leeway in our […]

Tipping: What’s The Deal? Or, To The Guy At California Pizza Kitchen: Sorry for Stiffing You The Other Day

The other day, I ordered some food from California Pizza Kitchen’s Curbside Pickup Service. If you are unfamiliar with this service, it is basically a kind of time-optimized version of ordering food “to-go” from California Pizza Kitchen. You order from your phone at home, and then go pick it up at the restaurant, where there […]

4 Sneaky Ways That Retailers Try To Get You To Overspend, Plus How to Avoid Them

We all know that our feelings can lead us to overspending. But did you know that marketers have specific strategies designed to make us spend? Like with specific names and instructions on how to deploy and whatnot? Here’s a list of some of these common strategies and ideas on how to steel yourself against them. […]

3 Blogs About Money and Consumerism That You Should Be Reading

Sometimes staying on track financially is tough, particularly if you feel like you’re not surrounded by a bunch of likeminded people. This is where the internet comes in: the blogosphere is filled with tons of people who know lots of stuff about personal finance, budgeting, consumer activisim, and other subjects and who share the wealth […]