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mr. right-click

The Bad Poop: A One-Act Play

CHARACTERS MR. RIGHT-CLICK MINI ANNA ILL-TEMPERED CAT PERFECT CAT [An average home in Southern California. ANNA sits in master bedroom, which is furnished in the style of the middle-century modern renaissance. ILL-TEMPERED CAT smacks PERFECT CAT on face for no clear reason. Off stage, voices of MR. RIGHT-CLICK and MINI can be heard negotiating a […]

6 Pictures From The Right-Click Holiday Vacation

[singlepic=240,560,330,,center] “WTF Is With All This Cold White Stuff?”, Playground, Connecticut. [singlepic=457,560,560,,center]Mini was rather fascinated by the novel concept of “weather.” At first, Mini would look at the white stuff and ask, “Wha’s this?” We would answer, “It’s snow.” Then he would ask, “Wha’s this?” and we would answer, “It’s still snow.” This would continue […]

Baseball Has Been Very Good To Me; Or, The Post On Why I Can’t Post When There Is All Of A Sudden All This Quiet Me Time

I admit it freely: I despise baseball. It is an excruciatingly boring game, whether you watch it in person or on the TV. But at least the TV version allows for other distractions, like laptops or the Twilight series. (Yes, I too started reading this vampire adolescent trash this weekend for seemingly inexplicable reasons that […]

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Baby Fever

[singlepic=210,440,330,,center] PREFACE . “Honey, you know that picture we have? that’s on the wall? With the yellow Mini and all the stuffed animals? The tribute-to-E.T. one?” “Yeah.” “Can I–Is it OK to put that on the internet?” “Yeah, I guess.” “Because he doesn’t really look like that anymore.” “No.” “And they‘re having a virtual baby […]