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mr. right-click

Edie and Chumchum, Acrylic On Canvas, ca. 2011

For reasons that are still unclear to me, Mr. Right-Click worked out some kind of undisclosed trade deal with an acclaimed painter to create a representation of our goddamn cat-coons. Only in Los Angeles would this happen, people. Only in Los Angeles, and only with a dirty rotten cat lover for a husband.


Before I met Mr. Right-Click, my longest relationship lasted two years, assuming you counted from the beginning of when I met the guy to the last time I ever spoke to him. If you counted actual time spent in the relationship, it was probably more like six months. Normal people spend their youths flitting about […]

14 Things I Love About Anna: A Guest Post For Valentine’s Day By Mr. Right-Click

Today, List Monday becomes List Sunday And Monday as Mr. Right-Click continues his annual tradition of guest-posting on Valentine’s Day. And yes, this year, he has almost 5000 words, with footnotes. Enjoy! Sometimes when Mini is finally down (we can tell because when we check the portable night vision video monitor his eyes are no […]