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The Self-Appointed Empress Has No Clothes Because They Are Still In Her Kenmore Dryer, Which We Still Are Not Sure If She Got For Free Or Bought Herself

The other day, we were talking about PR and whether or not mommybloggers should bother with going to these absurd events. I talked about how I had found myself suckered into wasting several hours of my own time on an event recently and I couldn’t really understand how it had happened. In the course of […]

Mean Spirited

Recently somebody told me my site served an important purpose, but that I had to be careful not to be “mean spirited.” This is a recurring theme. Be nice. Why are you so mean? What does “ABDPBT” mean? Why can’t you name your site something normal? Rude What gives you the right Too big for […]

Suburban Bliss v. Chicken Liver Smackdown: Postponed Indefinitely, PLUS: Some Unsolicited Moralizing By Me

Those of you who follow me on Twitter might have caught the announcement that Michelle McBee (aka Chicken Liver of the now-defunct Poop On Peeps) will be featured in an interview alongside Melissa Summers (Suburban Bliss) on MSNBC. Though the interview was originally scheduled to take place on Tuesday at 12:00 pm PST, it has […]

Bad Person

Uggh. Am I really writing about myself again? Really? After yesterday, you’d think I would have enough of myself for sixteen lifetimes, if not longer. But while all of you can put me aside and forget about me for a few days, get on with your lives, I’m stuck here, in this lazy, fat, ugly […]