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How To Start An Internet Scandal Like An Adult

Lately, scandals in the mommyblogosphere have been discussed through the use one of two equally inadequate rhetorical devices: 1) the passive aggressive “anonymous” accusation post; or 2) the fairy tale allegorical reveal. I’m fucking sick of both of these practices, and I think it’s time to let them die their natural deaths. The passive-aggressive “anonymous” […]

16 Things To Pack When You Quit The Internet

Your favorite pair of Bad Idea jeans. A coordinating set of self-important separates. A travel-size container full of self-righteous indignation. Your warmest winter’s frost metaphor. One glass house. A bag full of stones. No sense of humor (do not attempt to borrow). A ream of cease-and-desist letters. An conspicuous lack of humility. (Pack this in […]