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How To Start An Internet Scandal Like An Adult

Lately, scandals in the mommyblogosphere have been discussed through the use one of two equally inadequate rhetorical devices: 1) the passive aggressive “anonymous” accusation post; or 2) the fairy tale allegorical reveal. I’m fucking sick of both of these practices, and I think it’s time to let them die their natural deaths. The passive-aggressive “anonymous” […]

Backlash To Wussification Of The US Parent?

I really didn’t want to spend more time on the ‘Chinese Mother’ issue, but because it brought up some interesting issues in the comments on Monday I thought it warranted some more thought here. Mostly, I think that Amy Chua, the author of both the book and the article in the Wall Street Journal on […]


How, and when, do you just know things are true in life? Do you need proof? Or is proof just the thing that makes you feel better about relying upon the bits and pieces of stuff that your unconscious mind has picked up upon and processed to make a gut decision? This is going to […]