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Toothbrush Subscription

Here’s a gift idea for the person who has everything except the presence of mind to replace their toothbrush every three months. Preserve will send you a new toothbrush every three months so you don’t have to remember to get a new one (they recycle the old ones after you send them back in the […]

The StoryMatic

The StoryMatic can help the writer in your life get over writer’s block by following two simple rules for writing: get a main character that undergoes some changes during the story and does not die. The StoryMatic has 500 cards that give the character different occupations or character traits, and white cards that present situations […]

Happeez Magnet Alternative

You know how magnets don’t work on stainless steel appliances? Isn’t that annoying? Well, now there’s an alternative: Happeez will stick to any slick surface, including stainless steel, without leaving any residue, and can be reused indefinitely. This clip version is $6, and there are a bunch of different styles and patterns available here.