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Not So Cute: Kelly From The Real Housewives of New York City

[singlepic=527,320,240,,right]Do you watch The Real Houswives of New York City? I do. Oh yes. And this season is so much better than last season, since we actually get to see more of the Countess being a snobby bitch, and Ramona is starting to seem like one of the more reasonable members of the clan, despite […]


BEING A NARRATIVECOMPRISED OF WHOLLY ORIGINAL ELEMENTS,BUT FOR THAT NOTABLE EXCEPTIONIN WHICH I STEAL UNABASHEDLYFROM THE RIGHT GOODLY WORKS OF HIS HONORABLESIR BLACK HOCKEY JESUS. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and the suburbanites were out in force at the neighborhood park one recent afternoon in early March. Which is to say, last […]

To The Woman At Equinox Who Blow Dries Her Hair While Topless:

Let me start by telling you a little bit about myself. Generally, when I’m in the gym locker room, I pass by people quickly, avoiding eye contact and any other forms of personal interaction. As a policy, I like to “smile at the room,” or to maintain a universally targeted, generalized, friendly-but-unspecific smile of acknowledgment, […]

7 Abbreviations and Slang Terms That Are Kinda Douchey

[singlepic=240,560,330,,center] “App” instead of “Application.” Yeah yeah, I know everyone’s so into their iPhones, and part of it has to do with all the neat little “apps” you can get to make your life easier. But come on dudes, since when is a program called an “app”? I am well aware that there’s an app […]

Relationship Status: I’ll Tell You Later . . .

When I was doing online dating, there was always the one creep who would answer, “I’ll tell you later” under the relationship status on match (or wherever). I suspect there were many more people who fit into this category of “I’ll tell you later,” but they were smarter than to answer that question truthfully, or […]

A Different Breed of Geek; Or, Why Mainstream Media Sucks, Part 843,007

Mr. Right-Click left a copy of the latest Wired magazine on my vanity this morning. He claimed that there were some things of interest in it for me, and while flipping through it, he said, “See, they’ll have all this cool stuff, and then they bust out with something like this: [singlepic=200,440,330,,center] . . . […]

Boulevard of Broken Dreams

[singlepic=176,440,330,,center] Jon and Kate now have a billboard of their own on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, which is like the Times Square of Los Angeles, in case you’ve never visited it. But what’s that totally black building underneath it, you know right below the sign, below the ominous storm clouds that were gathering, […]