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You probably think you know what this is. [singlepic=595,560,560,,center] You don’t. [singlepic=594,560,560,,center]Parasaurolophus, aka Reminiscent-of-a-Bird-Rawr . This, my friends, is a Rawr. An unusual-looking, kinda-looks-like-a-bird variety of Rawr, yes, but a Rawr nonetheless. A Rawr in the tradition of the Archaeopteryx. The Archaeopteryx is the missing link between birds and dinosaurs. By the way, did you […]

How Do We Define Separation of Church and State? Or a Campaign from a Presidency? Or a Not-for-Profit Venture v. The Man? Discuss. No Big Whoop.

You guys know I’m a liberal commie pinko, and you know I voted for Obama. What you might not know is that I’ve developed such an admiration for our new President that it’s bordering on being a crush. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it–respect for an elected official? What is this strange sensation? I […]

On Voting. And Why You Shouldn’t, Unless You Agree With Me, In Which Case, Yes, Get Your Ass to the Polls Tout De Suite, You.

I resisted the idea of doing a political or pro-voting post today, for the same reason I don’t like to do Halloween posts on Halloween, or Fourth of July posts on the Fourth of July: they are hard to do well. And so many people do them that, after a while your eyes start to […]

Keeping Marriage “Real”: California’s Prop 8 and Why You Are a Fascist If You Vote Yes on It. Yes, That’s Right, I Called You a Fascist. And Yeah, I’m Aware of the Historical Associations, But I’m Sticking with It.

So I got an idea for a post when I was driving around and saw that some people in my neighborhood had made their own “Yes on Prop 8” signs to post outside of their house. These citizens were, I suppose, not happy with the standard issue “Yes on 8” signs available down at McCain/Palin […]

This is not a Saturday Night Live Skit, I Swear, But it Might Be Next Week

[singlepic=214,540,430,,center] From the New York Stock Exchange‘s website: NEW YORK, Sept. 22, 2008 – The New York Stock Exchange today welcomed His Highness, Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, Prime Minister of the State of Kuwait. His Highness met with NYSE Euronext CEO Duncan Niederauer and commenced the day’s trading by ringing the NYSE Opening Bell. […]

Imaginary Journalism: ABDPBT interviews Sarah Palin on Her List of Proposed Banned Books That Is Circulating the Internet Despite The Fact That It is Probably Bogus. Because What If It Weren’t? Wouldn’t This Be Funny?

My mother forwarded me an email yesterday from a group soliciting responses to be posted on a blog called Women Against Sarah Palin. Though I think Sarah Palin is an ignorant bigot fucktard, I must admit that I am hesitant to join a group that calls itself such a reactionary name–what are we against, exactly? […]