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old school personal finance

Trader Joe’s: Selling Shitty Beer Is Easier If You Make It Seem Like Part Of An Effort At Simplyifying You Life

[singlepic=59,560,560,,center] Many of you know I’m not a drinker (anymore). But when I saw this in my local Trader Joe’s I took out my trusty iPhone camera (which sucks, by the way, one of the only features of the phone which is really disappointing) and snapped a shot without really processing what about it struck […]

Latvia Calls On Paris Hilton (Sort Of) To Boost Its Sagging Economy

[singlepic=56,560,560,,center]Photo by Spiegel Online You think we have it bad? Latvia’s gross domestic product has been down by almost 20 percent over the past four quarters, which is particularly craptastic when you take into account that the U.S.’s decrease was only 6.1 percent over the last year. And that, as the NY Times reports, this […]

It’s Expensive To Be Poor

[singlepic=54,560,560,,center]Photo by Stachelhaut A recent Washington Post article discusses the high cost of being poor and provides some quasi-documentation for the general truism that, while the rich get richer, the poor get poorer. None of the hardships of the poor cited by the article are earth-shattering news to people who have done their time below […]

The Physical Class System of Lakers Games

[singlepic=53,750,750,,center]At Staples Center, the masses descend from their nosebleed seats after a triumphant Laker victory. We went to a Lakers game tonight–a playoff game, and a big one at that, since the odd games are always the most important in a series (according to Mr. Right-Click). Whomever wins the odd games usually wins the series, […]