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100 Books: I (Smugly) Weigh in on a List of “Must Reads,” and Then, As Usual, Pass Judgment On People In General

People love lists. I am no different. Whenever I see a list of something, I’m like, “Well, we’ll see about THAT.” Did you know that if you put a number in your title–like “Top 9 Political Decisions Made Recently by John McCain That Suggest Dementia,” or “15 Reasons Why Deciding to Homeschool Your Kids is […]

Yes, Sadly, It is Possible to Operate a Motor Vehicle When You Have a Blood Alcohol Level of 0.24%, and This is How I Know: Part One

I have gotten a few requests from people to discuss my alcoholism and how I got sober. I started this blog long after I got sober, so there are no real time accounts of any of those escapades, but I do plan on touching upon the major points, even if only by making tangent references […]