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Here’s What I Think We Should Do: Quit It With The Joaquin Phoenix Parodies Already

Maybe motherhood has made me soft. Maybe I’m just getting old, I don’t know. But I think it’s time to quit with the Joaquin Phoenix parodies, people. I’m not sure how to articulate why I think this is important: I just have a bad feeling about the whole situation. Now, don’t get me wrong, I […]

Hooray for Hollywoodland

[singlepic=207,560,560,,center] It’s premiere week in Hollywoodland, can you feel the magic? [singlepic=232,560,560,,center] Do you know what Hollywoodland is? I mean, other than that movie with Adrien Brody and Ben Affleck, that is? Hollywoodland was the name given in the 1920s by a real estate developer to the area now known as Beachwood Canyon. The Hollywoodland […]

You should read this post even if you think you are too intellectual and/or sophisticated to see The Dark Knight. Why? Because if I ask you if you’ve seen Sex and the City, I’m guessing you’re going to say, “Yes.”

I have been looking forward to the new Batman movie for several years now. No, I am not kidding. I guess I’m not the typical Batman demographic: I don’t read comic books, I’m not an adolescent boy, and action movies ordinarily make my skin itch. I watched the 80s Batman franchise movies, and remember being […]