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monetizing the mommyblog

Blogger and Brand Pairings: Baby Care Products With Established Niche Blogger

Monetizing The Mommyblog, Brands And Bloggers: An ABDPBT Personal Finance Series Welcome to the latest incarnation of the Monetizing the Mommyblog series on ABDPBT Personal Finance. This Bloggers and Brands Series focuses on content-column pairings — the compensation involved, how the deals are made, and the pros and cons of each deal between a blogger […]

Cliqueshop: Design Mom’s New Project

If you watch Gabrielle Blair’s every move as intently as I do, then you’ll have noticed that she recently launched a new project, CliqueShop that launched earlier this week. Cliqueshop is a kind of group buying, coupon clearinghouse that is the kind of thing you might get if you merged a sample sale membership discount […]

Establishing Rules For Trips, Barters, And Other Blogger Grey Areas

In the past few weeks, there have been several more high profile sponsored blogging trips and other promotions affiliated with brands. I have never been one of the opponents of these kinds of arrangements, even when they are not compensated with cash, because I think bartering is a completely acceptable means of accepting payment in […]

5 Things To Be Included In My Forthcoming FREE Guide To Selling Private Ads

Today I’m excited to let you all in on a project I’ve been working on lately: an ebook that compiles all of the information I’ve gathered on selling private advertisements for blogs, as well as other forms of more experimental private blog monetization. This ebook will not only put all of the stuff I’ve already […]

How Misinformation And Refusal To Talk About Money Is Keeping MommyBloggers Poor

Hey guess what? I’m angry again (Surprise, surprise.) Somebody sent me this article from Ad Age this morning by Lenore Skenazy of Free Range Kids, a blog that gets between 150,000-300,000 pageviews per month and which has received various mommyblogging accolades blah blah blah. The article talks about sponsors and bemoans the fact that it’s […]

What I’ve Learned About Selling Private Ads For ABDPBT — Plus: DEALS

Hey kids. It’s time to check in with the great monetization project again, and I thought I’d get you all caught up on the ad situation here at ABDPBT. I’ve been selling my own ads here for over a month, with some success here and there, and I’ve picked up a few pieces of advice […]

5 Things I Learned In My First (Almost) Two Years Of (Almost) Full Time Blogging

Last Monday, I posted a list of recommendations for small bloggers looking to monetize. The recommendations I made prompted a few questions regarding timelines and what kind of results to expect, and as I began to answer I realized that perhaps it would be better to just write a post on the topic. In July, […]

5 Recommendations For Small Bloggers (Less than 10K Pageviews Per Month) Looking To Monetize

I’ve recently been posting a series on tiers in online advertising networks. Maybe you heard something about it. Over the course of writing those posts what became apparent was that there was a real need for a set of my recommendations for blog owners of varying sizes who are looking to monetize, given these new […]