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monetizing the mommyblog

Is The Reason That Mommybloggers Hedge About Money Because They Aren’t Actually Making Any? Yes And No.

Newcomers to the mommyblogosphere have a lot of questions about money. Specifically, they want to know about money. I know, because I had the same questions about money when I first got here: who is making money? How much money are they making? How are they making it? How can I make money? &c. New […]

One Line Bios And Figuring Out Your Blog’s Story

One thing that appeals to people about blogging is that somehow, by doing it regularly, people figure out what it is that will make them happy in their lives. Not everyone. Not always. But often enough, for people who really commit to blogging on a regular basis, whether they do it for personal or professional […]

Is Something Rotten In The State of Twitter Moms?

At a party at BlogWorld, I spoke to a guy who was trying to help his client (a clothing company) get a foothold in the social media arena. One of the ways he was considering doing this was through hiring TwitterMoms, a site that publicizes itself as “the influential moms network,” to promote his client’s […]

Lots Of Sponsored Posts In Small Niche Significantly Less Annoying When Linked To Ostensibly Good Cause, Sans Phone Giveaway, Experts Say

Last week, I ranted a bit about the number of blogs who were doing the same sponsored giveaway on the same day for the Windows 7 phone. This week, there was another blanket sponsored post campaign appearing in some blogs represented by both Federated Media and Clever Girls Collective (now associated with Federated Media for […]

Experiments in Product Placement: The Story’s The Thing

Lately, I’ve been pretty down on sponsored posts and product placement. This has mostly been because I haven’t seen a lot of good placements, and because of my own experience in doing a product placement which didn’t feel right in spite of the best of circumstances. I have come to believe that perhaps some of […]

Thoughts On Mouth Media’s I (Still) Do Event In Las Vegas

Several of you have asked why I haven’t discussed Heather Spohr and Brittany Gibbons’ new endeavor, Mouth Media, and especially, the event they are planning in Las Vegas, I Still Do. Here’s the deal: Heather and Brittany are friends of mine, and I had originally planned on recusing myself from a discussion of their project […]

Brands and Bloggers: Kid-Friendly Resort And Established Parenting Blogger

Monetizing The Mommyblog, Brands And Bloggers: An ABDPBT Personal Finance Series This is the second installment in the latest incarnation of the Monetizing the Mommyblog series on ABDPBT Personal Finance. This Bloggers and Brands Series focuses on content-column pairings — the compensation involved, how the deals are made, and the pros and cons of each […]