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los angeles

Edie and Chumchum, Acrylic On Canvas, ca. 2011

For reasons that are still unclear to me, Mr. Right-Click worked out some kind of undisclosed trade deal with an acclaimed painter to create a representation of our goddamn cat-coons. Only in Los Angeles would this happen, people. Only in Los Angeles, and only with a dirty rotten cat lover for a husband.

Why Anybody Who Writes To Gwyneth Paltrow For Advice Gets Exactly What They Deserve

I’m having a hard time balancing my career with being a mother. I wonder whom I should look to for guidance. Oh! I know — Gwyneth Paltrow. After all, she and I have a ton in common: she’s an Oscar winning actress who is married to a rockstar, and I’m a delusional asshole! She probably […]

10 Uses For White After Labor Day

Follow Glenn Beck around on tour selling handmade commemorative hoods at an outrageous markup. Four words: Halloween — Good Humor Man. Continue to enjoy the largely unconscious privilege of being able to ignore it most of the time. Every once in a while, bring it out as an excuse for why you cannot dance or […]

OMFG Westside Rentals Guy Is In Our Row

Westside Rentals Guy started out as just your average sign-twirler on 11th & Wilshire in Santa Monica, directly adjacent to Westside Rentals, the apartment-locating service that employed him. When we first heard of Westside Rentals Guy, Mr. Right-Click and I weren’t married yet, and were living in sin just down the street from the street […]