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12 Ideas Motrin Ditched Before They Greenlighted the BabyWearing Ad

[singlepic=240,560,330,,center] Have you seen the Motrin ad about how it’s a good thing to take if you have been wearing your baby so much that you’re in pain? It’s on Youtube now, in case you haven’t seen it yet. And the #motrinmoms were all aTwitter about it. I’m not going to embed it here, because […]

33 Things That Might Cause Tantrums (As It Turns Out)

[singlepic=240,540,330,,center] Mommy leaving the room. Daddy leaving the room. Mommy staying in line while Daddy takes me to get something at the deli section of the grocery store. Mommy getting in the shower. Daddy getting in the shower. Daddy going to work. Bedtime. Bedtime without nightlight. Bedtime without proper snuggling procedure. Bedtime before 7pm. Bedtime […]

70 Ways to Boost Traffic to Your Blog; Plus 3 More Ways to Increase Your Blog’s Traffic

[singlepic=240,540,330,,center] Write blatant SEO-baiting title that will make each and every new blogger who searches for “boost traffic to blog” in Google click over to your blog, even if only for a few seconds each. Use a number, any number, in the title of said blatant SEO-baiting blog post title. Comment heavily on many blogs. […]

7 Ideas for Lists That I Started and Subsequently Abandoned, and The Reasonings Behind Those Abandonments, In Which I Swear Like a Sailor

[singlepic=240,540,330,,center] So, in thinking of what kind of list I wanted to make for this week, I had a couple of false starts. So I thought I’d list those for you, because why make this harder than it needs to be? . The 34 Worst Gifts I’ve Received in My Life. So I was thinking, […]

6 Inappropriate Songs Played at My Gym, Plus 1 Extended Explanation of What My Gym Is Since Maybe You Don’t Already Know

[singlepic=240,540,330,,center] Every Saturday morning, Mr. Right-Click and I take Mini to a place called My Gym. If you’re not familiar with My Gym, it is an indoor gymnastic recreation establishment (not unlike Gymboree) where you take your kids to tire them out and–hopefully–buy yourselves some naptime later in the day. Unlike some indoor playgrounds, the […]

8 Examples of Stuff I Think About, and Stuff You Might Think About, Too, If You Read This Post Today

After the wild success of yesterday’s numbered post, I realized I wasn’t just whistlin’ dixie about numbered posts being all the rage. Why, Karen Sugarpants is doing it today! And so is Darren Rowse. Can Dooce and P-dub be far behind? Who knew I was such a trendsetter? That was sarcasm.You will find I use […]